About Bandhoos

The term BANDHU means FRIEND in the Hindi language. Pets are our best Bandhoos and are unique in every way. Therefore, we use uniquely designed fabrics, worn in our weddings, made by highly skilled workers. These are curated using a tie and dye technique to create bold dots or wave like patterns on a colorful smooth silky fabric.
Our partners are fair-trade organizations with a mission to support rural communities. The women who handcrafted this product benefit from the sale and YOU are making a tangible difference in their lives! Thank you!

Meet Also

Bandhoos products are inspired by Also, our precious Yellow Labrador. We were lucky to adopt him as he has made our lives more colorful and much more meaningful. Also is the biggest, cuddliest, sweetest pup. He loves everyone he meets inspiring us to love without inhibition! He has truly been the driving force in all our handmade products that are designed to give a global grandeur to his personality. Now we bring these treasures to you! Hope you enjoy it as much as when your furry friend flaunts it around!

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